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I offer fractional Recruitment Consulting Services for growing organizations, providing strategic talent acquisition solutions to effectively navigate through growth stages - Nathan Li

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I offer fractional Recruitment Consulting Services for growing organizations, providing strategic talent acquisition solutions to effectively navigate through growth stages - Nathan Li

Nathan is a seasoned Recruitment Advisor and Consultant who is deeply committed to facilitating successful connections between exceptional candidates and outstanding companies. With a strong passion for optimizing talent acquisition processes, Nathan strives to assist candidates in discovering their ideal career opportunities while aiding organizations in securing top-notch employees.



I provide comprehensive talent acquisition mapping and planning services aligned with your growth goals in order to identify and target the right candidates. This involves understanding your hiring needs, assessing current workforce gaps, and creating tailored plans to attract and retain top talent.


I understand the importance of hiring top-tier talent to drive your business forward. I utilize a variety of sourcing channels and recruitment strategies to attract and recruit the best talent in the industry for you. I leverage my industry knowledge and networks to ensure that your organization is positioned as an employer of choice and that your brand is effectively communicated to potential candidates.


My strategic sourcing services are designed to help you identify, attract, and hire top talent while minimizing recruitment costs and reducing time-to-hire. My expertise will help you identify active and passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are likely to be the right individual who aligns with your culture and are a good fit with your organization.


I will streamline your entire recruitment process and funnel to ensure that it is efficient and effective, giving candidates the best interview experience from the top to the bottom of the funnel. I conduct a thorough review of your recruitment process and identify areas for improvement, providing you with customized recommendations and solutions to optimize your recruitment process. This may involve streamlining workflows, implementing technology solutions, improving candidate experience, and ensuring compliance with relevant hiring regulations.


I will work closely with you and other stakeholders involved in the hiring process to ensure a seamless recruitment process while prioritizing top-notch candidate service. I ensure that hiring managers are well-informed at every stage, enabling them to make informed decisions. Simultaneously, I maintain a candidate-centric approach, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed promptly. By balancing the needs of hiring managers and candidates, I strive to create a recruitment process that is efficient, effective, and delivers exceptional results.


I offer a flexible, and cost-effective solution for you, where you may not have the resources or workload to justify a full-time, in-house recruiter. To do this, I will embed myself into your organization and work on a part-time engagement, dedicating a set number of hours per week or month to your organization to meet your ever-changing requirements. This accommodates fluctuations in recruitment demands, allowing you to ramp up or down as necessary without the complexities of managing a full-time Recruiter.

12+ Years of Experience

Nathan has supported start-ups, small-to-midsize and enterprise organizations, as well as FAANG. This includes public sector, private sector, and government organizations. He has worked for leading staffing agencies as a Recruiter and Account Manager, and as an in-house Recruiter where he has led international and local hiring events, organized and hosted tech talks, mentored and trained others, and sourced for leadership positions to mention a few.

Who I've Worked With

Nathan has hired for over 150+ organizations in a multitude of industries throughout his career

With Nathan's end-to-end approach to recruitment, he will handle all aspects of the hiring process, from initial sourcing to closing candidates; providing a comprehensive and personalized service to your organization. By taking recruitment off your plate, this will allow you and your team to free up internal resources to focus on core business functions.


Nathan Li
Recruitment Advisor & Consultant
Nathan is a trusted and passionate Recruitment Advisor & Consultant with over a decade of Sourcing/Recruitment/Account Management experience.

He started his career with Randstad where he was awarded "Best Candidate Service - Western Canada" along with several Presidents Club Awards and 4 promotions. At any given point in time, Nathan managed over 150+ temporary workers while conducting business development, 360 recruiting, and servicing candidates and clients.

At Ignite Technical Resources, Nathan was quick to become the top Technical Sourcer within a year. He then transitioned into an Account Manager where he supported 20+ clients and led a team of Sourcers to recruit for his clients. To this day he maintains a fantastic relationship with the Founders.

He then joined Amazon, AWS where he was responsible for scaling and growing out AWS' Western Canada teams. At the peak, he supported 21 hiring managers, 17 teams, and 4 different organizations consecutively. He organized and held Tech Talks, he ran and supported local and international hiring events, partnered with hiring managers to hire top tech talent, and sourced for leadership positions.

Nathan then joined Facebook/Meta as one of the first Recruiters in Canada where he was responsible for building out their Canadian presence, while hiring across North America as a SME. He successfully led a breadth of recruitment projects, organized and ran trainings for up to 700+ employees, mentored others, ran weekly sourcing sessions, and was also a Diversity Ambassador for 2.5+ years. He consistently maintained a 95% candidate service satisfaction rating throughout 3 years, and was ranked in the top 95th percentile of Technical Sourcers in the organization.

Client Testimonials

"I worked with Nathan when building a new team in AWS Vancouver, at the time Nathan was stretched pretty thin as he was supporting another 17 teams as a sourcing recruiter, despite of that he was able to setup a good framework and for us to work together and meet my hiring needs.

Working with Nathan was a pleasure and I would recommend him to any organization with aggressive hiring needs looking for a top notch recruiter."

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"Nathan was one of the keys of my recruitment success in Amazon. More importantly, everyone who interacts with Nathan is always amazed by his availability to help and support people. Whatever difficulties we met during the recruitment processor with candidate, Nathan always make himself available to us, to answer our questions, and support us.

It is truly a privilege to have worked with Nathan and I wholeheartedly recommend him. I assure you that his commitment to his professional career, as well as his high moral values are without question. I have no doubt he will make a strong addition to your team.”

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

“I couldn't be happier to recommend Nathan. I can confidently say that he is a person of impeccable character. Ever since we first met, Nathan’s incredible competency, commitment, and reactivity have always impressed me. I remember one instance in particular when we have to urgently create a recruitment event for a special candidate. Nathan organized successfully the recruitment in a couple of days despite the difficulties to get multiple peoples in few days. I also remember how Nathan was very involved in working with me to improve our recruitment process to filter out candidates and make more efficient the recruitment of thousands of candidate per years. His advices to target the right candidates and his involvement in tuning my recruitment specificities truly save my time and effort to fulfil my recruitment objectives."

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"Nathan did a fantastic job helping us with our recruiting needs. He took the time to listen in order to understand the requirements and the working conditions for the positions offered. We had a very tight timeline that required a lot of leg work and testing of the candidates to get them in the door as quickly as possible. Nathan was able to fill five vacancies for the same position in the short time he was given. We greatly appreciated all of his hard work in helping us find the employees we needed. "

Sr. HR Generalist, MTU Maintenance Canada

"Nathan worked with my AWS organization in Vancouver during a very intense hiring spree. I especially appreciated Nathan's contributions in organizing full day hiring marathons that were executed flawlessly."

Senior Software Engineer, Amazon, AWS

"I worked with Nathan on building a new team in YVR. Nathan was material in setting up a recruiting pipeline and sourcing top talent for the team."

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"Nathan worked with me as my technical sourcer, he's very focused on the hiring goals, and effective at managing the recruitment pipeline providing timely updates and proactively finding solutions to increase the candidate funnel. I would recommend him as a great technical sourcer."

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"Nathan is a very professional Recruiter with high sense to candidate experience. Able to handle pressure very well to support variant of teams and managers."

Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"I have worked with Nathan over the course of about 4 years and he has consistently proven to me his dedication to finding the right people for the roles we needed to fill. He is always available and gave me the impression that we were the most important. Thanks Nathan, your efforts are appreciated!!"

Operations & Distribution Manager, United Natural Foods

"When Nathan took over as the Account Manager for TransLink at Ignite Technical Resources in Q1 2018 I was impressed how quickly he built rapport and trust with myself and other IT Leaders at TransLink. He took the time to meet with me on a regular basis to understand our organization, our culture, and my particular needs so he could best position his recruiting efforts to present qualified candidates to us. Nathan is a diligent and personal individual with a lot of transparency. He is highly motivated to work on behalf of his clients which I came to appreciate."

Manager, IT PMO, TransLink

"Nathan is a passionate and hardworking recruiter. He was a valuable part of my team's hiring process. He helped me streamline our process and spend time where it mattered the most. Any organization would be lucky to have him."

Sr. Software Development Manager, Amazon, AWS

"Great person to work with very sharp and detail oriented. Looking out for the company's needs is Nathan's priority."

Human Resources Manager, Kryton International, Inc.

"I worked with Nathan for several years as his direct manager as well as his recursive manager. Nathan is a leader among leaders. He consistently proved that he was able to hire with the care and velocity required for working on Meta's largest, and most circumstantial software engineering pipeline. He was an exceptional mentor to others, always called on by the leadership team to lean into critical priorities, and was pivotal in helping us expand our hiring into Canada and Toronto. He operates with a global, candidate-first mindset. I strongly recommend him for any recruiting role, and your team would be lucky to have him."

Sr. Manager, Global Recruiting Operations, Meta (Facebook)

"During my time at Facebook (Meta), I had the privilege of collaborating and also mentor Nathan, who I found to be an outstandingly intelligent, dedicated, and current professional in his field. His ability to identify and engage with hard-to-reach talent, particularly high-level Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers, was particularly impressive. Nathan consistently demonstrated great communication skills, attention to detail, and dedication and care to his work, which greatly contributed to the success of the teams we worked with. I strongly recommend Nathan Li to anyone seeking a highly skilled and committed sourcer, and I would enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

Principal Technical Sourcer, Meta (Facebook)


"I highly recommend Nathan as a professional recruiter. He assisted me throughout the interview process with Meta, and our conversations were informative and engaging. I was impressed by his professionalism and extensive knowledge of the industry. Nathan's insights into the company culture and the expectations of the role helped me to gain a better understanding of the position. His coordination skills made the hiring process smooth and efficient, resulting in the best experience in my career."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan is one of the best recruiters I ever worked with and was great when I was going through the process at Facebook. He was proactive and took many steps to make the hiring process quick and efficient:

- proactively setup calls with hiring managers and teams for me to get excited about the roles and find the best fit and be invested in the process

- was always responsive to questions at any hours, gave great responses to hiring questions (not just an answer but underlying method/context etc)

- once I had accepted an offer, and then even started (months later) reached out again and really made me feel welcomed; I was surprised he remembered at such a later point in time. It was a personal touch and again affirmed how Nathan was a level above other recruiters I had worked with previously"

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan is one of the best recruiters I've ever met. His emails were always prompt, warm and informative. His phone calls were articulate, encouraging and illuminating, always trying to understand the potential in others. For me, Nathan is a wonderful leader more than a technical recruiter. His enthusiasm shows a profound respect for the capabilities of his clients. He has the ability of not only finding the excellent, but also unlocking the potential in them. I did have a great experience with Nathan. Thank you, Nathan!"

Sr. Software Developer, Amazon, AWS

"I highly recommend Nathan Li as a skilled and dedicated recruiter. Nathan provided me with valuable guidance and resources throughout the interview process, helping me to improve my skills and ultimately land my current job at Meta. His professionalism, expertise, and excellent communication skills made him a pleasure to work with. Nathan's talent and commitment would be an asset to any organization seeking a top-tier recruiter."

Senior iOS Developer, Meta (Facebook)

"Kudos for Nathan!! I had a chance to work with Nathan recently and I landed the job. He did a great job preparing me for the interview.  

Potential candidates - Mr. Li is professional. Nathan actually returns calls and emails. He follows up, he's prompt and professional. I had a very positive client experience with Nathan. He comes highly recommended."

Infrastructure Security analyst, teck resources limited

"I worked with Nathan for the senior software engineer position at Meta and he was the best recruiter I have ever worked with. The initial call for my hiring process was quite informative and Nathan covered so many details about the entire process and helped me a lot with the preparation for the upcoming phone screen and onsite interviews. Throughout the whole process, Nathan was super professional and knowledgeable at each of the hiring stages and very responsive to sharing the information with my hiring process. I'm so glad and lucky to have Nathan as my recruiter and I believe with no doubt that he will be valuable to any team and organization."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan was the best sourcer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I was apprehensive about applying for a big tech company when Nathan reached out to me for a role at Meta. Nathan walked me through the interview process, encouraged me to apply and was in touch with me through all the loops. He was also the first one to congratulate me when I cleared the interview loops.

Nathan has great skills in discovering the best suited candidates for roles and I’m so glad I got to work with him. Any company would be lucky to have Nathan and leverage his talents."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"I was happy to went through a recruiting process at AWS with Nathan. Nathan was very informative and polite. He provided me all the necessary information and answered emails very quickly. After my interviews I informed Nathan that I need to get the interview results in a short time and I got them in 3 work days! It was a pleasant process for me. Thanks Nathan!"

Front End Engineer, Amazon, AWS

"I highly recommend Nathan for his exceptional work in hiring me for a position at Meta. From the initial reach out to the final stages of the hiring process, he demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. Nathan provided valuable guidance, kept me informed throughout the process, and went above and beyond to ensure that I was well-prepared for each interview. I am grateful for his support and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a recruiter who is both personable and professional."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"I worked with Nathan when he reached out to me about a role at Meta. As the first touch of the hiring pipeline, Nathan did an excellent job on selling me on the role and what to expect out of the process. After our first call, I was excited about the prospect of joining Meta and eager to start interview preparations. Nathan would routinely check in with me and send me helpful resources in order for me to succeed at my interviews. He is an excellent sourcer who genuinely cared about my interview experience and success. I highly recommend Nathan and I have no doubt that would be a valuable team member anywhere!"

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"I worked with Nathan throughout my interview process at Meta. From the initial reach out to the interview preparation stage, Nathan was responsive to all of my inquiries and thoughtfully addressed my concerns. He provided relevant interview preparation material and demonstrated a good understanding of the software engineering position that he was recruiting for. I highly recommend Nathan as a recruiter for any organization."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"I had the pleasure of working with Nathan when I was preparing for a senior software engineer role at Meta. Nathan was instrumental in helping me secure the role, and I cannot thank him enough for his invaluable assistance. His personalized approach and attention to detail made me feel valued as a candidate and gave me the confidence to showcase my skills and experience during the interviews.

What I appreciated most about working with Nathan was his willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs and preferences throughout the recruitment process. His expertise, guidance, and support were truly instrumental in helping me succeed in securing this role.

I highly recommend Nathan to anyone seeking a similar position. Nathan is a true professional with deep expertise in the recruitment process, and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan is fantastic and sets a high benchmark for recruiting practices. His professionalism. communication and knowledge of the industry is truly an asset. He is a pleasure to work with and is always calm and composed to the several questions one may have.

I had the pleasure of working with Nathan during my job search in BC, his relationship with the clients and the prep work that goes before an interview is amazing and is a great example of high performing HR personnel."

Sr. Scrum Master, Central 1 credit union

"I had the pleasure of partnering with Nathan during my job search, and I can confidently say that his expertise, professionalism, and commitment to helping me find the perfect role exceeded all of my expectations. Nathan is a true advocate for his candidates and has a deep understanding of the tech industry, which is crucial in navigating the job market. I am grateful for his hard work, dedication, and expertise, which ultimately led to me landing my dream job. I highly recommend Nathan to any candidate looking for a recruiter who goes above and beyond to ensure their success."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan's outstanding communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the industry and market trends are second to none. He has a talent for identifying top talent and building relationships with clients and candidates alike. I am confident that any company that has the opportunity to work with him will quickly recognize his skills, experience, and dedication to excellence."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"As an IT contractor, I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone who is looking for a solid, reliable representation. I was very impressed with his ability to match my interests with contracting opportunities in the field. Thank you Nathan."

Sr. Backend Developer, Community Living BC

"Nathan was able to make a quick determination and match me up with all the right available positions for my desired salary, which led to a permanent position. It has been the fastest match up so far."

Sr. Front End Developer, Canada Drives

"I had the pleasure of working with Nathan when he presented me with an opportunity at Meta. Although I was unable to accept the offer at that time, Nathan continued to stay in touch with me. In 2021, Nathan reached out to me again and presented me with an exciting opportunity to join Meta remotely. Not only did he provide me with all the details about the interview process, but he also shared some internal references and partnered with me throughout the entire process. Nathan was always available to answer my questions and provide support, even after I had passed the initial interview and was handed over to other recruiters. I truly appreciate Nathan's help and guidance, as I could not have joined Meta without his assistance. Nathan is a considerate and kind person who is passionate about his career. I highly recommend Nathan to any future employers."

Sr. Software Engineer (Tech Lead/Architect), Meta (Facebook)

"Nathan did a wonderful job throughout the entire recruitment process. He kept me informed, made sure I was prepared, and provided high levels of professionalism and customer service. This personalized approach truly made him a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Nathan!"

Digital and Web Marketing Specialist, BC Liquor Distribution Branch